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Jobskin is a company that has built its reputation by being one of the leading companies in rehabilitation therapy and by producing outstanding, high quality medical pressure garments for burns and lymphodema 
These garments are made of geometric fabrics and apply pressure to the infected area.

In burn treatments.
Jobskin is the largest provider of custom made compression garment, designed specifically for burn injuries. The garments conform anatomically so as to ensure an accurate healing process, allow freedom of movement and provide comfort and therapeutic compression.
Also these garments moisturize the skin and return it to the normal state which prevents skin grafting operation and cosmetic surgery.
Moreover the company manufactures silicone sheets and lotions for the topical treatment of some burn injuries.

In Lymphedema treatment:
The company also specializes in producing pressure garments with accurate measurements for Lymphedema and is manufactured with special, high quality medical fabrics that ensure the reduction of swelling on the long run.
There are also gradient pressure garments for all body parts which also provide pressure to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

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We Are Distributors For

Jobskin’s products range includes facial masks, pre sized gloves, garments for the upper and lower extremities and full body garments, topical burn bandages and vineyard treatment stockings.
For ultimate comfort,
the seams in the garments can be substituted by zippers.

The company has invented a measurement method that is exclusive to it so that no other company could use it.
Most garments are custom made yet there’s a new line of readymade garments.

Balikh Medical Business set up training courses in the last couple of months for Jobskin
and the sales manager along with a company technician trained physiotherapists in many Saudi hospitals and informed them about the readymade Burn and Lymphoedema garments.

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