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JOBST is a German company that manufactures high quality pressure garments for Lymphoedema and burn treatment. It specializes in garments for both sexes and all ages.
To ensure ultimate patient comfort, zippers can be integrated into the garment instead of the usual seams.

In burn treatment:

It produces burn bandages that decrease scarring and gradient pressure garments.

In Lymphoedema treatment:

JOBST provides the utmost care in pressure treatment on the long run for lymphoedema and bloods vessel issues.

- JOBST® UltraSheer provides gradient compression on the infected area and is transparent thus making it easy to wear on any occasion.

- JOBST® Opaque is made from high quality fabrics that provide light to moderate pressure on the infected area.

- JOBST® for Men is a gradient compression garment designed specifically for men and ensures practicality, comfort and elegance.

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