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Medi is a German company that specializes in Phlebology and in producing compression garments and stockings for the treatment of Lymphoedema. Medi also produces Post-liposuction surgical corsets.
Most garments are ready made yet in some cases there are custom made garments that are made to measure. The companys specialists take the measurements by using a specific and accurate measuring method which focuses the pressure on the infected area thus speeding up the healing process.

In Lymphedema treatment:
mediven mondi is used for the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema, mixed forms of oedema and excess scar tissue growth (keloids)
The flat-knit strong two-way stretch fabric is made with a special antibacterial yarn, which extends through the stocking and prevents bacterial colonization
Available in compression classes 2 and 3, a knee length and thigh stocking, tight, maternity tights and tights for men.
A zipper or Velcro fastener can be incorporated instead of the seam.

mediven 550 arm
is a custom made arm sleeve with various compression levels and with extra parts for the elbow and shoulder.
A zipper or Velcro fastener can be incorporated instead of the seam.

mediven esprit flat knit arm sleeves and gloves provide a high working pressure for the treatment of lymphoedema, stages I, II and III, post-operative and post traumatic oedema and after burns.

mediven Lymphopads
reduces sclerosis and stimulates blood circulation through the tissues and redirects the flow of the lymphatic glands.
Preferably worn with pressure stockings for a quick recovery.

We Are Distributors For


Compression stockings
  • For HIM and HER
  • Supple and elastic stocking
  • Ensures adaptation to every movement
  • The supple and elastic stocking offers value for money and is also very durable. The choice of the optimum compression stocking depends on the indication and the patient's individual needs:
    Due to the material thickness, the fit and the product characteristics, we recommend duomed for amongst others for women and men of overweight, with light do heavy tendency to venous oedema (leg swelling) as well as for those with soft connective tissue.1

Skin Care collection:

Vein and lymph disease are often accompanied by an imbalance in the skin, therefore the congestion of blood and fluid in the leg can adversely affect the skin. Correct skin care not only, but it also helps the skin to feel smooth and protected.

medi day
cools and freshens the skin throughout the day. The gel reduces the tension and sensitivity of the skin, prevents congestion-related skin damage, improves skin nourishment and supports skin regeneration.
- Apply to the skin a few minutes before donning the compression stocking and massage in gently

medi night cleanses and soothes the outer layer of skin. The cream helps to regulate the moisture balance, accelerates regeneration and promotes skin nourishment
- Apply to the skin in the evenings after removing the compression stocking and massage in gently.

medi fresh is a refreshing and cooling spray and is the ideal supplement to
medi day. It can be sprayed directly onto the stocking thus its perfect for work or travel.
Spray directly onto the compression stocking or skin several times daily as and when required

medi soft is a foam lotion provides the skin with the necessary moisture this is particularly important in vein lymph therapy.

Balikh Medical Business previously held training courses for Medi products in Jeddah and Riyadh and in the last two months training courses were held throughout the Eastern region. Physiotherapists ensure to attend these courses so as to stay up to date with the latest products.

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